Best Medium to Large Size Family Protection Dog

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No intruder can ever outmatch the strength and vigilance of these loyal guard dogs.

There are various reasons to get a guard dog, but the most common is the protection of property. Keeping your home safe from unwanted guests also helps protect the family. You can also adopt big dogs for personal protection and know whenever you have a visitor at your doorstep. So, what are the best medium to large size family protection dog?


Best Guard Dog for First Time Owner

While many people are reluctant to get a guard dog due to a negative impression, it’s essential to understand the benefits of owning this kind of pet. Their fierce traits help them become capable guardians in your home. The best dogs are brave, smart, and devoted to defending you from intruders. But what are the best guard dogs for a first-time owner?

The following are medium-sized dogs that can protect you from bad people that may force you to enter your home:


Australian Cattle Dog Breed

Australian Cattle Dog

This medium-sized dog is not too tall, compact, and muscular, but one of the best protection dogs for first-time owners. Australian cattle dogs can weigh up to 45 pounds (20 kilograms), but most of them only weigh 30 pounds (15 kilograms), which makes them an ideal medium-sized protection dog that beginners can handle.

As an intelligent breed, Australian Cattle dogs can learn their guard tasks quickly. They are also usually healthy and can live without any problems other than common injuries on dogs. These dogs are also loyal to their owners but are easily get triggered by strangers.


Standard Schnauzer Breed

Standard Schnauzer

For those living in limited spaces, the perfect medium-sized family protection dog is the Standard Schnauzer. This breed can easily be trained and used as a property protector with a higher energy level than other dogs. Although this guard dog barks fiercely, it can get along with kids and even play with them.

However, Standard Schnauzer pups need regular walking to maintain their energy and vigor. If they don’t get enough playtime, these dogs can become bored and destroy stuff in your house. When it comes to wellness, they are mostly healthier than their giant and miniature varieties.


Kerry Blue Terrier Breed

Kerry Blue Terrier

This medium-sized guard dog may not be famous in households, but they are great domestic companions, especially farms. Despite having long coats, Kerry Blue Terrier dogs don’t shed much, although they need to be groomed regularly.

This breed usually weighs 18 kilograms (40 pounds) or less, but they are ideal guard dogs when adequately trained. Puppies typically have black coat, but they become dark gray as they grow. They can live up to 10 years, but they may suffer from some genetic disorders.


Chow Chow Breed

Chow Chow

This breed may look cute, but they tend to be ferocious when triggered. The personality traits of this medium-sized guard dog can be compared to a wolf. They can be calm and silent, then suddenly become violent when something threatens them. When it’s time to eat, Chow chows can be aggressive.

During walk time, they quickly get up and not to be disappointed. If it senses some strangers at your door, they automatically become alert to guard your house. The only thing you need to consider when getting this type of guard dog is that some may not be easy to train. You can get a dedicated trainer to help you turn this beast into a loyal and reliable family protection dog.


Best Guard Dog for Apartment Life

If you’re looking for medium-sized dogs that can guard your apartment from uninvited guests, here are some of the best options:


The wolf-like, well-muscled appearance of Kuvasz dogs makes them the perfect guard dog for your apartment. This breed is ideal anywhere, even in homes with limited spaces. Their easy pace with beautiful white coat makes them one of the most adorable protection pups.

While other people don’t like putting them to work much, these dogs can be trained to defend your home from intruders. The powerful and intimidating look of a Kuvasz will surely scare away thieves and intruders in your property. You might also be surprised by how smart this dog can be while being well-cultured to live with families in an apartment.


Otherwise known as the Gamekeeper’s night dog, the Bullmastiff is another large guard dog that you can keep in your apartment. Despite their cute appearance, you can rely on this dog to keep away burglars from your home.

What makes this breed a little dangerous is that they don’t bark before they sneak up on intruders. Their body weight and agility can overthrow anyone who threatens to break in the house. So you can have some peace of mind when you get a Bullmastiff in your apartment.

Great Dane

It is an active dog that can weigh up to 160 pounds and grow as tall as 45 inches. Great Danes are incredibly loyal, but they are dangerous for strangers and intruders that try to trespass in your home. The size of this breed is enough to take down an enemy in your yard.

With some training, you can command this guard dog to run after vicious personalities intrude into your apartment. But on ordinary days, these loyal pups are gentle, reserved, and friendly. They love to protect their masters and bark aggressively when some other canines and humans are not welcome.


Best Guard Dog Breeds for Families with Children

Children should feel safe and comfortable in their homes. It is why it’s essential to have furry friends that can keep them entertained and protect them from harm at the same time. Below are the best guard dogs for families with kids:


This breed can be both your loyal guard dog and alert nanny at the same time. If you want to feel safe at home with your kids, getting an Akita dog is ideal. The protective skills of this guard dog are so strong that it will never back down anyone who poses a threat to his master.

Although Akita dogs don’t bark that much, they can look into suspicious things quietly. However, these dogs can sometimes be too independent and need to socialize and train them to become trustworthy family protection dogs.

Giant Schnauzer

Strong, dominant, and alert are only some of the powerful traits of the Giant Schnauzer dog. When it hangs out with the kids, this dog is usually behaved and protective. But when it smells a threat, this territorial dog pounces and barks at a stranger to protect his family.

German Shepherd

Most of these dogs are in the military troops and police units that help during a fight. It is one of the reasons why German Shepherds guard many homes. If you want a medium to large size family protection dog, this can be the right choice.

This breed’s natural guarding skill makes them an ideal companion, especially when keeping the kids safe at home. They are intelligent, protective, loyal, and fun to be with. It is a perfect partner for the kids to defend them from any threat, whether its a wild animal or a criminal.


The cute wrinkles of this dog may not intimidate intruders, but Shar-Pei pups are excellent guard dogs. They may not bark at all times, but they have the traits of a good watchdog. You can depend on them to serve and protect you even if they have a quiet personality.

However, Shar-Pei dogs may be vulnerable to health issues such as skin infections, allergies, ear problems, eyelid disease, and entropion. It’s essential to have them regularly checked to prevent severe conditions that may require surgery.


What is the Most Protective Dog

Burglaries, kidnappings, robbery, and even carjacking are common crimes that every household should prepare for. There are many ways to protect your home, but owning a guard dog is one of the most effective strategies. Whether you’re looking to guard your house during the day or at night, getting the most protective dog is essential.

The Belgian Malinois is currently one of the most popular dogs for personal protection, family protection, and property protection. But according to experts, they are the most protective dog as they are highly trainable, capable, and brilliant. With proper training, you can create the perfect guard dog in your home.

As a loyal pup, this breed will protect you no matter what. Belgian Malinois dogs are also ideal pets that can socialize with other pups as well as with children. So if you’re looking for the best medium to large family protection dog, this guide should help you make an informed decision.


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