Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Good for Dogs?

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Dog owners are more familiar with canned foods and kibble when it comes to their dog’s diet. However, there are other options to ensure your pet gets all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy and long life. For instance, freeze dried foods for dogs are now becoming a popular choice. But, is freeze dried dog food good for dogs?


Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Good for Dogs? Find Out Now


Unlike the dehydration process, freeze drying is much better because it keeps the food in its original condition. It doesn’t change the food’s cellular make-up, which happens in the dehydration process since low heat is used. So yes, freeze-dried dog food is good for your dog because it keeps the original nutrients of the food.

Freeze-drying is a dog food manufacturing process that hasn’t been around that long. It’s a method used to produce dry dog food, starting by freezing the food with all its moisture to create ice. Then it undergoes freeze-drying using a vacuum at an extremely high temperature. The ice transforms into water vapor through a process called sublimation – resulting in dry dog food.


Is Freeze Dried Dog Food The Same as Raw?

Raw food and freeze dried dog food are almost the same. If you want to give your dogs the same nutrients as raw food, freeze drying might be the best choice for you. This process only makes very small changes in the original ingredient, not like dehydration. Many pet owners are choosing a freeze dried raw diet as it offers the same nutrition as a raw diet.

Manufacturers that produce raw food are often the same manufacturers that make freeze-dried dog foods. They come in various forms including patties, small bites, medallions, and bite sizes. Freeze-dried dog food companies also make kibbles that contain freeze dried raw ingredients. You can find a wide selection of freeze dried patties in mixers and other formulas to match your pet’s nutritional needs.


Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Healthier than Kibble?

Freeze dried dog foods are calorie-dense, so you won’t have to feed your pup too much to get his needed calories. They contain high protein which is essential for your dog’s diet. However, some freeze dried dog foods have a high-fat percentage. You should consult your veterinarian if it’s okay with your pooch. These dog foods can also last long just like kibble.

A health-conscious dog owner will choose freeze-dried because it’s like raw food when it comes to nutrients and other vitamins. Most kibble brands are formulated to last longer. While this is an advantage, it may not be healthy because it contains preservatives that aren’t good for dogs. So the better option would be freeze dried as the quality of raw food is maintained despite the sublimation process.


What is the Best Freeze Dried Food for Dogs?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying dog food is the ingredients. Most freeze dried dog foods contain raw food without any preservatives to retain nutrients and vitamins. If you’re looking for the best freeze dried food for dogs, there are a few practical tips to keep in mind.

Make sure the ingredients are the same as the raw food diet you want to feed your pup. Check if it contains fiber, healthy fat, protein, and other essential nutrients that your dog needs daily. It’s also important to note the AAFCO label that says it’s appropriate for the life stage of your dog. Some raw food manufacturers make pet foods that supplement at the same time.

Some dog foods feature vegetables and meat, but they aren’t enough for your dog’s nutrition. Make sure the freeze-dried dog food you are buying is enough for adult maintenance. The ideal dog food is high in protein, fat, and fiber to ensure that your dog grows healthy and happy.

The most popular freeze dried dog foods today are Nature’s Variety, Steve’s Real Food for Dogs, Northwest Naturals, and Wysong. It’s highly recommended to do some research before purchasing these products so you can get the best deal. You can also ask your vet which of these freeze dried dog foods is best for your dog’s nutritional needs.


By simply choosing the right dog food, you are guaranteed to get all the health benefits for your dearest pets. Below are the benefits of feeding your dog with a raw diet and freeze dried food:

  • Smaller, less stinky poop.
  • Reduced sensitivity to allergies.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Better condition and weight.
  • Fresher breath.
  • Whiter teeth.
  • Healthier skin and coat.

Preparing raw food for your dog can be time-consuming and messy. Therefore, it’s more convenient if you’re going to feed your dog with freeze dried food to ensure his nutrition while avoiding the messy work. It’s as convenient and easy as feeding kibble, but nutritious just like a raw diet. Ideally, freeze-dried dog food is already balanced so there’s no need to gather ingredients to make healthy food for your pooch.

The freeze drying process kills bad bacteria that spoil raw food. The ground bones included in the food makes it even more appealing to dogs. However, you can give your pup some bones to keep his teeth and gums clean and healthy. The only thing you need to check is the fat content of most dog foods which can quickly add some pounds to your furbaby.


How Long Does Freeze Dried Dog Food Last After Opening?

The key to a long life when it comes to freezing dried dog foods is the packaging. If you don’t have any intention of consuming all the content in at least 1 week, then it’s better to keep the package sealed. Or else, you will only be wasting the remaining food on the package. Generally, this food can last from 1 to 3 weeks after opening.

Most dog food companies recommend using an opened package of freeze dried food in 1 to 3 weeks to avoid spoilage. Like fresh food, any leftovers of dog food can easily spoil if not consumed within a specific time. It’s also important to remember that the sooner the food is consumed, the better the dogs can get the essential nutrients in the content.

Freeze drying preserves the nutrients of raw food better than dehydrating. Minerals, vitamins, and proteins stay intact even as they undergo freezing and then drying. Air drying more efficiently produces nutrient-dense foods than dehydrating. More importantly, the scoop and serve convenient it offers is truly an advantage.


Does Freeze Dried Dog Food Need to be Refrigerated?

Freeze-dried dog food is formulated to last longer. Keeping them in sealed packaging can help them last a long time. Make sure you’re ready to rehydrate the food before opening the package. Also, there’s no need to refrigerate freeze-dried pet foods. You can conveniently store them in your kitchen cabinet, in any cool dry place, or even bring them when walking or exercising your dog outside.

As another form of dehydrating food, freeze drying produces condensed dog foods without any moisture. They are sold in small bags or small bars unlike kibble and frozen raw dog foods with larger amounts. It’s so easy to prepare and feed, just add water to rehydrate your freeze-dried food. Even if the package has already been opened, there’s no need for freezing the food again.


Does Freeze Dried Dog Food Cause Diarrhea?

Most freeze dried dog foods are made with healthy ingredients such as meats, carbs, and fats. It improves the shelf life of the food through complete dehydration without using any preservatives. Some of the most common fresh ingredients are beef, lamb, fish, and turkey. Other formulas include fresh veggies such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and grains.

The raw ingredients are cooked before they are freeze dried and sealed in an air-tight container. This is to ensure that the food quality is maintained despite a year of storage. The thorough packaging also helps keep the food properly sealed without spoiling. Now, if you buy expired freeze dried dog food, you may be putting your dog at risk of health problems including diarrhea.


Wrapping It Up

Freeze dried dog food has a lot of benefits to offer to pet owners. It’s easy to carry, has a longer shelf life, contains raw and minimally processed ingredients, and great for picky eaters. Every dog needs a healthy diet that includes carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fats, and proteins to live longer and happier.

Before you buy certain dog food, whether it’s raw food, kibble, or freeze-dried, it’s important to consider the ingredients that your beloved pet exactly needs. In choosing the best freeze dried dog food, you should also consider the weight, age, and activity level of your pup. Make sure it contains omega fatty acids, no artificial flavors or colors, and made with quality meat from New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

With quality guaranteed dog food, you can ensure your dog’s nutritional needs and overall health. So, which freeze dried dog food are you buying for your pooch?


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