Top Dogs That Look Like Wolves

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What are the top dogs that look like wolves? Find out here the top 10 wolf-like dogs around the world and some tidbits of their breed.

With their broad face that has a mask of fur, they possess exceptional leadership, and their pack can drive you one step back. By just looking at its eyes, we can see the curiosity and the intense aura within them. Their posture is a sign of confidence beyond their fear. And when they finally made their spine-tingling howl, then you will know who they are, because they are the creature that we called “wolves.”

For quite a while, residential puppies (Canis familiaris) were viewed as the immediate relatives of dim wolves (Canis lupus). Notwithstanding, an ongoing examination has muddied the waters a bit, and it gives the idea that your beagle is bound to be a cousin of dark wolves, as they advanced straightforwardly from a now-terminated predecessor of living wolves. And we can realize we can get a lot of dog in a wolf and a lot of wolf in a dog. Aside from that, we can also know that most of the dog species have wolf-like feature.

Northern Inuit Dog

This kind of dog has a large body size the female usually weighs around 55 -84 pounds while the male weighs 79 – 100 pounds. This breed of dog speculates to originate in the UK by the 1980s. this breed is a mix of Malamute, Siberian husky and German Shepherd. It has extreme separation anxiety which leads to destructive behavior when they are left alone. This crossbreed dog resembles the features of the wolf starting from their fur and body and up to their eyes. But unlike wolves, this breed of dog can be considered as a pet. They are renowned for their unique nature and non-aggressive temperament. However, most of them are stubborn and challenging to train. This dog also become famous by portraying “Dire Wolves” of the HBO series Game of Thrones. Ever since then some people treated Northern Inuit Dog as a wolf, because of their muscular body build and a long snout.

Saarlos Wolfdog

This breed of dog weighs around 80 – 100 pounds and has a life span of 8 – 12 years. They are energetic dogs and independent; this kind of dog is cautious, shy, and aggressive. It is a crossbreed of the Dutch Breeder Lender Saarlos; he mixed the German Shepherd with the European Wolves breed. It can be a working dog, but it is not suitable for having a family because they have very high separation anxiety. Most of the time they are mistaken as wolves because they have a large, muscular build, with triangular ears, a long snout, and long hair. They also have long legs and large paws and a broad chest. Plus, the fact that this breed has the wolf bloodline in it.

Alaskan Malamute

The female breed of this dog weighs around 75 pounds, while the male weighs 85 pounds. The Alaskan Malamute is a large breed of domestic dog originally bred for their strength and endurance to haul heavy freight, and later as a sled dog. They are like other arctic breeds and spitz breeds, such as the Greenland Dog, Canadian Eskimo Dog, the Siberian Husky, and the Samoyed. This dog breed is highly like Siberian Husky, but they are hairier and fluffier rather than them. They are pretty- lovable and highly trainable dogs, you can even use them as a sled pulling dog. And the longest life span of these dogs is up to 15 years. Most of the people mistake them as a wolf because of their deep and sharp eyes. Their fur color also contributes to their Wolf-like characteristic

Siberian Husky

This dog usually weighs 45 – 60 pounds for a male and 35 – 50 pounds for a female. This dog is considered as working dogs, like the Alaskan Malamute, they are also used as a sled dog. The Siberian husky is a familiar and lovely breed, who is well-suited for homes that are prepared to accommodate a heavily shedding, high-energy dog who loves to play, roam, and explore. Accordingly, they are great for active families, runners, and bikers. They also possess the fur and the eyes like wolves, since most of the Siberian Husky are thin and tall, that’s why many people portray them as wolves.

German Shepherd

Known for possessing a distinct wolf-like feature. This breed of dog can weigh 65 – 90 pounds for a male and 50 -70 pounds for a female. The,y are bright, loving, and protective. Among 193 species of dogs listed in American Kennel Club, the German Shepherd was chosen for the top 2 greatest dogs of all time. They possess a noble character with high intelligence. They are also loyal, courageous and steady, the police are using them as K –9 dogs for inspecting the luggage of people entering and exiting the airport or any kind of public place. With their tall build and long legs, they are often mistaken as wolves, especially at night. The way they stand up and look at you makes your spine shivers too.

These dogs are usually trained to protect people, like how the wolves protect their pack.


It is an uncommon type of tamed canine otherwise called Amerindian malamutes – are a half breed with a confounding history. It weighs around 60 – 106 pounds, their life expectancy or hope is around 12 – 15 years. Records of their exact cause shift from source to source and none show up particularly legitimate. Notwithstanding, they look like enormous huskies and show the drive, love for running, and stamina that huskies do, in any case, in the same way as other wolf crossbreeds, they have a significant autonomous streak and self-assured identities. With their enormous head and normal tallness, they are regularly mixed up as a wolf or a Siberian imposing. Their breed is practically likely the equivalent of a wolf. It has the same mixture of fur color and has the same long legs and muscular build as the wolves


Tamaskan hound is a Finnish canine breed, that weighs around 23 to 38 kilograms for a female breed, while the male breed weighs around 30 to 45 kilograms. Their life expectancy is around 14 – 15 years. Their tallness resembles their cousin German Shepherd. It is another breed that was allegedly delivered by intersection malamutes and huskies, just as a couple of other sled hounds. Tamaskans aren’t perceived by any of the significant breed vaults, however, there are a few breed clubs the world over devoted to these wolf-like mutts. Tamaskans are quite like huskies as far as demeanor and capacities, and they purportedly make great pets for families that can deal with high-vitality pooches. Tamaskans resemble a few wolves they happen, in dark, dark and darker shapes. Like its mixed breed, Tamaskans are also considered as working dogs, but, they are more likely to be obedient, sociable and more intelligent than malamutes and huskies. They are like wolves because of their fur color and body build, though, their height is not likely similar to a wolf.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Another wolf-half and half that is perceived by the Federation Cynologique Internationale, Czechoslovakian wolfhounds were at first produced for the Czech military. This wolfhound has a normal life expectancy of 10 – 15 years. The male weighs around 26 kilograms, while the female weighs around 20 kilograms. This puppy breed has been utilized for hunt and-safeguard, following and grouping work in resulting years, since this breed was intentionally made as a major aspect of a logical report, their history is somewhat preferable recorded over some other wolf-half and halves and blended breeds. Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are said to be trainable, in spite of the fact that they aren’t fringe collies, and they require a committed proprietor, who is happy to invest a lot of energy working with their pooch.

This canine breed is snappy and dynamic, they are keen and simple to prepare. They are additionally fashionable, bold, and brave kind of canine. This puppy is just very mixed up as a wolf because of their particular hide shading that ranges from silver to grey or yellow to grey. They likewise have long triangular ears, and they don’t have a long nose.

But among these lists of wolf-dog, the Northern Inuit dog breed qualifies for being the top dog breed wolf-like. With their fur and triangular ears and their muscular body build, people often mistake them for a wolf. But we should always remember that in some countries these dog breeds can’t be kept without a license. If the authority knows this, then it can cost you a penny or two. Aside from that these breeds have different attitudes and characteristics, it may fit you, but it may not fit your surroundings and household.

German Shepherd is one of the top dog that look like wolf

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