What Breed of Dog Is A Teddy Bear

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Teddy bear dogs may just have gained popularity among dog lovers, but they have been around since the 1990s. This type of dog doesn’t only belong to one breed, several hybrids are referred to as teddy bear dogs. So, what breed of dog is a teddy bear?

What is a Teddy Bear Dog

A teddy bear dog is a cute pooch that can immediately catch your attention for its unique charm. When you see one, you will surely get mesmerized by the cuddly and fluffy appearance of this adorable dog. Pups that belong to this category are lovable and perfect as home companions.

True to its name, a teddy bear dog is a pup that looks like a teddy bear. It resembles those animal stuffed toys that kids love to play with. Their soft coat and petite stature make them even more adorable than other dogs. Are you planning to get a teddy bear dog? Knowing the dog breeds that look like teddy bears can help you decide which one you should pet.


What Kind of Dog Breed Looks Like a Teddy Bear

Generally, teddy bear dogs include pure breeds and mixes such as the Pomeranian and Shichon. They are smaller in size with a longer coat, making their overall look appealing and attractive. If you’re looking for a teddy bear dog, there are some important things you need to consider.

Here is some teddy bear dog breed info you should know:

Shichon Dog Breed

Zuchon or Shichon

This teddy bear dog is a mix of Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. It’s a small pup that may only grow with a height of 12 inches and a weight of up to 14 pounds. Shichons can live for 15 years, therefore choosing this breed should be considered as long term commitment.

When it comes to temperament, this teddy bear pup is naturally playful, active, and loving. It can easily mingle with kids and other members of the family. However, you should train this dog to socialize especially if there are other dogs in the house.

Shichon pups love attention, they don’t like to be left alone in the house for a long time. Their common health problems include epilepsy, liver disease, deafness, and hip dysplasia. Learning about their health problems is important if you will choose this type of teddy bear dog.

 Pomeranian Dog Breed


Thick and fluffy coat, this is how pompoms are best known for. Their small ears, curled tails, and bear-faced appearance are so hard to resist. This breed is a descendant of the Spitz family, hence their resemblances.

The nature of Pomeranian pups includes being playful, curious, and confident. However, they can be cautious and shy when there are other guests in the house. As a small breed, pompoms also need daily exercise as well as regular grooming to stay healthy and comfy.

Some of the common health issues of Pomeranian pups include abnormal eyelid, progressive retinal atrophy, shoulder luxation, and knee dislocation. Make sure to research on these conditions before getting a Pomeranian teddy bear dog.

Poochon Dog Breed


This teddy bear dog is a crossbreed between Bichon Frise and Poodle. It can live for 15 years despite its relatively small stature. Pooches are sociable dogs that are also easy to train. They don’t shed too much, but these pups need regular grooming to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Poochon dogs are intelligent animals and they love to socialize. However, they can develop separation anxiety when their owner leaves them alone at home. If you’re spending more time at work than at home, this may not be a good choice for you.

To keep them happy and healthy, it’s important to give them daily mental stimulation and exercise. Also, you need to be prepared for health problems that may affect your dog. Poochons are generally vulnerable to patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy.


Now, if you want to pet big dogs that look like bears, the following are some ideal options you can choose from:

Schnoodle Dog Breed


This is a mix of a Poodle and a Schnauzer which can grow up to 60 centimeters in body size. The color of the coat varies depending on the dominating color of the parent. Schnoodles need a lot of attention and grooming, so they can be a bit high maintenance for some dog owners.

In terms of temperament, this big dog that looks like a bear can be very affectionate and loyal, making them an ideal family pet. They are comfortable around other animals, new people and environments. However, Schnoodles can be unruly around kids so make sure to train your pet to avoid unexpected incidents.

Some of the common health conditions that this breed may suffer from include cataracts, elbow and hip dysplasia, and epilepsy. Make sure to regularly visit your veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy and safe from potential problems.

Miniature Goldendoodle Dog Breed

Miniature Goldendoodle

This crossbreed between Miniature Poodle and Golden Retriever is bigger than the typical size of teddy bear dogs. It’s a great family pet that is usually loyal and loving. Miniature Goldendoodles are also easy to train because they are intelligent dogs.

The only problem with loyal dogs like this teddy bear pup is they can develop separation anxiety once they’re alone. Also, they may require regular grooming depending on the coat type they have, which may be in color cream, chocolate, golden, red, gray, or black.

Unlike other toy dogs, Miniature Goldendoodles needs more exercise and a bigger space to roam around. If you’re living in a small apartment, this may not be a good option for you. When given proper nutrition, this hybrid can live up to 15 years.

Chow Chow Dog Breed

Chow Chow

The mane-like ruffle of the fur of Chow Chow makes this dog look like a bear. From the head down to its shoulders, the distinctive look of this breed makes it one of the fluffiest, just like a teddy bear. However, it has an independent spirit which makes people think twice when getting this as a pet.

For strangers, this can be a fierce guard dog. But for owners, this teddy bear dog is truly one of the most adorable pooches that a home can have. This breed can grow up to 20 inches tall, and sometimes even taller. The weight may range between 40 to 70 pounds. Chow Chows can live up to 15 years given they are well taken care of and fed with healthy food.


Do Teddy Bear Dogs Bark a Lot

Depending on the dog’s breed, some teddy bear dogs are natural barkers while others are not. Also, consistency and training play an important role in your pet’s temperament. If you train your dog when to bark and when to get quiet, it’s easier to minimize barking tendency.

Don’t worry because teddy bear dogs are easy to train because they are smart and active. These pups are usually intelligent and quick to learn new tricks. Some are even entertaining and fun to play with. But of course, this will depend on the type of breed you are going to choose when finding an ideal pet.


Are Teddy Bear Dogs Aggressive

Some breeds under the teddy bear category are naturally protective and territorial. For instance, Chow Chow dogs can be trained as excellent guard dogs if you’re looking for home protectors. However, you need to make sure that you socialize your pet properly to avoid aggression. This is important if you have kids at home or guests who frequently visit your house.

When choosing a teddy bear dog, make sure to research the breed you want to adopt. There are online resources where you can see if the breed is a perfect fit for you. Check the temperament of the dog as well as their health needs to avoid potential problems. Proper training is also helpful in keeping your dogs well-behaved as they grow.



So, are you ready to get a new pet? Teddy bear dogs can be a great option since they include breed mixes that are interesting and exciting to learn about. With so many choices, you can surely find the perfect match for your personality and needs. Just make sure to do some research before you pick a breed to avoid problems in the future.

More importantly, ask yourself if you’re ready to be a dog owner. Can you take care of all the responsibilities of being a pet parent? If yes, then by all means check out the breeds for teddy bear dogs so you can make an informed decision before welcoming a new puppy to your home.

Remember, getting a pet is a commitment, and you need to be responsible enough to provide all the needs of your dog. After all, they will be your companion until the end.

What Breed of Dog Is A Teddy Bear Facts

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