What Makes Shih Tzus Happy

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Shih Tzus are one of the most popular household breeds because of their adorable appearance and sweet nature. However, they can also be arrogant and moody at times, especially when not given enough attention. It’s important to know what makes Shih Tzus happy to keep them healthy and active. So, what do you usually do to ensure the well-being of your pooch?

What Do Shih Tzus Like to Do Facts

What Are Shih Tzus Known For

Generally, Shih Tzus are known for their happy temperament and cute faces. The long coat makes them even more lovable for pet lovers. These charming pups are typically lively and love to play around with their people and even other pets. If you’re going to adopt a Shih Tzu, make sure you can shower him with attention and comfort to keep your pet happy.

Shih Tzus enjoy cuddles and snuggles, whether on your lap or on soft pillows. This is why they are not ideal for households with senior citizens. However, they are mostly friendly, especially with kids and even strangers. You can train them to socialize with other pets to make sure they develop a trusting temperament.


What Do Shih Tzus Like to Do

The aristocratic demeanor of Shih Tzus sometimes gives them that stubborn impression. For sure, there are certain things they like and dislike just like humans, but they are not as troublesome as other dogs. They are more behaved and sympathetic than other lap dog breeds. So, how to tell if my Shih Tzu is happy?

More often than not, it breaks our hearts to see our pets lying stretched out on the floor with chins on their front paws. This position generally means your dog is bored or sad. More so, they would make a long sigh and then shrug their shoulders to show how much they need to be entertained. It’s time for you to give them some interesting activity to kick out the boredom.

Oftentimes, Shih Tzus need training which involves praise, food rewards, and consistency. You might find that the hardest part of training these pups is housebreaking. But once they are trained, living with these furbabies is gratifying and interesting. They may be small, but these dogs are strong and sturdy.


The following are some activities that Shih Tzu’s love to do:

Getting groomed regularly.

The thing about Shih Tzus and other long-haired dog breeds is that they need regular grooming to stay happy. An overly long coat that is tangled and dirty will surely bring discomfort to your pooch.

Also, you also need to keep your pet’s ears and paws clean to avoid infection and irritation. Trim those nails and excess hair growing between their paw pads to keep them healthy and neat. A makeover every 4 to 6 weeks is necessary for every Shih Tzu, no matter the length of their coat.

Bathe every couple of weeks

The recommended routinely complete baths for Shih Tzus are every 2 weeks. Doing this more frequently will only damage the skin and coat of your pooch as it washes away essential body oils. However, it’s okay to give your dog an extra bath if he gets too dirty from playing outside.

Being fed properly

Of all the contentment needs that a Shih Tzu likes to have, being well-fed is their favorite. Give puppies three appropriately portioned meals every day or two for adult dogs to ensure they get daily nutritional needs. Make sure to choose whole foods rather than those instant canned goods bought in supermarkets.

You can prepare wholesome meals for your pup using fresh ingredients such as broccoli, potatoes, and chicken liver. Whether you’re giving him wet food, dry food, or both, always make sure it’s healthy for your dog’s daily diet.


How to Have a Happy Shih Tzu

If you want the best for your Shih Tzu, there are some important things you need to know. Here are some essential tips on how to have a happy dog:

Avoid smoking near your Shih Tzu because this dog’s respiratory system is quite sensitive

Also, never use any chemical products when cleaning the house. Make sure your dog doesn’t inhale allergenic pollen outside, especially when your lawn is freshly cut.

Keep your Shih Tzu hydrated during hot months or in days where the weather is humid

Also, don’t allow your pooch to exercise outdoors when the sun is out. Rather, keep your pet inside an air-conditioned room to avoid heatstroke. Remember, short-faced breeds are prone to health problems caused by extreme heat.

When walking your Shih Tzu, use a Y-shaped harness to support his chest instead of his throat

Most collars add pressure on the windpipe, making it difficult for dogs to breathe while walking. Avoid walking when the pavement is hot, it will only hurt your Shih Tzu and make his paws inflamed.

Spend more time with your pup

Nothing makes a Shih Tzu happier than being with his master. Keep in mind that this breed is a companion dog, so expect them to be clingy to their owners. Make sure you spend some quality time with your furbaby by playing with him or simply cuddling him on your lap.

Provide mental stimulator toys. One of the effective ways to avoid making your Shih Tzu bored and sad is to keep their minds occupied. Keep them busy with some toys, such as small balls, soft toys, and interactive toys that are big enough that dogs can’t swallow.


Key Takeaway

Shih Tzus are generally one of the happiest breeds you can have in your home. Keeping them healthy and content is not that hard once you learn how to make them happy and satisfied. Follow this short guide and see how your pooch becomes contented with you. With some cuddling and bonding moments, you can surely build a harmonious relationship with your beloved Shih Tzu.

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