Which Type of Dogs Will be Easy Walk and Gentle Leader Work Best For

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Learning which type of dogs will be an easy walk and gentle leader work best for is no daunting task you cannot work on.

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Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs

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Taking your dogs out for a walk is one of the many responsibilities people have as pet owners but treating them outside shouldn’t be as hard for you as it is fun for them. Oftentimes, the only thing keeping you from giving your furbabies a fun time outside is the tiresome tug of war you put up with them.

Being dogs, they have curious minds that make them want to stick their noses into almost everything they encounter and go to, making us pull their harness tighter to control them and let them walk at our own pace. Little do we know that this form of pulling encourages them to pull back or as we call it, the “opposition reflex”. The more you pull your dog on its leash, the more they respond pulling in the opposite way.

Good thing that there are innovative dog harnesses that help us skip the dog training to have a peaceful walk with our babies— the Gentle Leader and the Easy Walk Harness. Stick around to find out which type of dogs is easy to walk with and what these holy grails in pet care are.

When you try controlling your dog by pulling its leash, they tend to pull back. This is because our pulling puts pressure on their trachea or windpipe, causing them to choke, cough, gag, or feel uncomfortable, making them pull their leash more and harder.

Gentle Leader prevents just that. It’s an innovative head collar that fits over your dog’s neck and nose, making him dog turn around whenever he tries tugging his leash. The Gentle Leader applies gentle pressure on the nose when your dog pulls his head, redirecting his head towards you and giving you his full attention.

How to Put on a Gentle Leader – 4 Easy Steps to Follow

  1. Place your dog in a sitting position and attach the leash
  2. Put the nose loop over his nose with the buckles facing away from you
  3. If your dog resists putting his snout through the nose loop, simple place a treat in front of the loop to encourage him
  4. Secure the neck strap behind your dog’s head
  5. Attach Gentle Leader to the leash and you’re all done!
    Worry not about closing your dog’s mouth using its harness because Gentle Leader is not a muzzle. Even with the Gentle Leader on, your dog can eat, chew, bark, and even bite with complete ease.

Easy Walk Harness for Dogs

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If you’re not comfortable putting a harness on your dog’s nose and neck, then the Easy Walk Harness might just be the perfect one for your dog. Instead of putting the harness anywhere around the dog’s head, it goes on his body for a comfortable and reliable fit. The collar sits high on your dog’s neck without putting pressure on the throat.

Easy Walk Harness How to Put on Dog

  1. Place your dog in a standing position. Ask help from a companion to give your dog treats to keep him standing.
  2. Unstrap the buckle and fit the shoulder strap (top strap) over your dog’s head.
  3. The o-rings that connect the straps should fit above and behind the dog’s leg for comfort.
  4. Place your finger into the o-ring and there you will be able to determine how much you should adjust the straps.
  5. Fit the belly strap from your dog’s girth and fit buckle on the shoulder strap
  6. Make sure you can only fit one or two fingers between the harness and your dog.
  7. Check if the harness doesn’t rotate by moving the harness against the fur. It should stay in place and the skin should move with it.

Note: the Gentle Leader headcollar is sized by weight, whereas the Easy Walk dog harness uses chest and girth measurements.

The Gentle Leader cost you less than the Easy Walk Harness on Amazon.
Both the Gentle Leader and the Easy Walk Harness will make all your next walkathon with your dog so much more fun. The constant tug of war will surely stop, and you won’t even need to spend time on training just to control them.


Which Dogs will be of Best Use to Gentle Leader and Easy Walk Harness

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There’s no doubt that we love our dogs dearly, but there are just some that need extra care because they tend to be more energetic and hard to control, especially on walks. Here’s a list of the top 10 most energetic dog breeds that are best to use the Gentle Leader and Easy Walk Harness for:

  1. Belgian Malinois
    Active an average of 102.86 minutes per day
  2. German Shorthaired Pointer
    Active an average of 100.78 minutes per day
  3. Brittany Spaniel
    Active an average of 94.13 minutes per day
  4. Miniature Australian Shepherd
    Active an average of 91.54 minutes per day
  5. Weimaraner
    Active an average of 90.32 minutes per day
  6. Vizsla
    Active an average of 88.8 minutes per day
  7. English Setter
    Active an average of 88.2 minutes per day
  8. Alaskan Klee Kai
    Active an average of 85.72 minutes per day
  9. Doberman Pinscher
    Active an average of 84.9 minutes per day
  10. Yorkshire Terrier
    Active an average of 80.23 minutes per day

Source: Business Insider

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and there is nothing that’s going to keep us from loving them even if they become hard to walk with. They are deemed to be gentle beasts only if we don’t give them all the love we can give, train them well, and use the right pet care tools for them.

Don’t stick around to your usual dog leashes and harnesses when you can use the Gentle Leader and Easy Walk Harness to level up your dog walking experience and let you and your dog enjoy. Treat yourself and your furbaby to these tools and the only thing that will pull you is the store where you can buy one!

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